November 2015


As Japan investment is shifting to services, information technology and trading, which require less capital, Chinese investments are targeting heavy industries, thus surpassing Japanese input in Thailand for the first time. Chinese investments in Thailand for the past eight months…

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Prayut soothes FDI jitters

Prime Minister Prayut calls for foreign investors not to leave Thailand at Wednesday’s seminar. He promised his policies would last long after his government stepped down. The Thai government will do everything within its means to support foreign direct investment…

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Changes to property mortgage fees demystified

The Thai Government’s push to drive up property sales by making mortgages more accessible to millions of people through transfer and mortgage registration relief has made headlines for months. Customers seek home loan details from officials of the Government Housing…

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IKEA to launch centre in Phuket

The global IKEA brand of home furniture will launch its first “Pick-Up and Order Point” in Asia with the opening of its Phuket locale at Bypass Biz Town on November 27.

The grand opening ceremony will commence at 10am, with customers offered a slew of special prizes, the iconic Swedish company announced in a press release this week. “The IKEA Pick-up & order point will located in Phuket will be the…

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